Online Safety Training

This year we are trying something new at K-Botics.  We are using a company called SafetySync to help us document our safety training.  Because of the online nature of training, it can be done at home, at your leisure.

safetysyncOn-site safety training will still be happening, but the focus will be mainly on site specific hazards.

To use SafetySync you must first fill in our team registration form.  Allow a day for your SafetySync registration.

When you login for the first time you will see your dashboard.  Click on the “Training” tab and you can start taking the required lessons.  There is a short multiple choice quiz that follows each video lesson.

Please start with your WHMIS training.

When you complete your WHMIS training, you will be able to download a certificate in .pdf form.  Please upload the certificate .pdf file under the “My Certificates” tab and submit it for approval.

The 10 topics included in the General Safety Orientation:

  1. Common Worksite Injuries
  2. Equipment and Tool Hazards
  3. Fall Prevention
  4. Fatigue Management
  5. Fire Safety
  6. Food Safety (we cook for our team from time to time)
  7. Occupational Health and Safety
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Safety Supervision
  10. WHMIS

When you have finished all of the lessons and quizzes you will earn your General Safety Orientation certificate which needs to be uploaded as well.

If you are certified in First Aid/CPR please upload a .jpg or .pdf of your certification in a similar manner.

There will be monthly surveys to do concerning how you are feeling about being on the team, and how health and safety are being dealt with.  These surveys are anonymous.

It is necessary for everyone to complete the General Safety Orientation online training, as well as site-specific safety training.


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