Pre-Season Training Resources 

Pre-Season Manual

K-Botics Pre-Season

K-Botics ran a 13 week pre-season complete with hands-on activities to teach technical skills, teamwork skills and communication skills.  A 6 week pre-season challenge engaged small groups of students in a build season to prepare new members for what a FIRST Robotics build season is like.  This is an 140 page document (.pdf) outlining what we did, why we did it, and how you can do it too. There are lesson plans and worksheets provided.
kbotics crest Preseason Challenge 2014 “Interhouse Quidditch Cup”

K-Botics CAD Tutorial

**Install the latest version of Inventor; these instructions were written for 2011.

For Programmers:

Getting started with Eclipse for KBotics

Getting started with GIT for KBotics

K-Botics Family Dinner Recipes


Kasey VII Here is our Recycle Rush Robot: Kasey-VII a.k.a. “Murphy The Phoenix”


 K-Botics pit structure Quick Set Up Pit Structure and Cart: Our pit structure is simple to transport and quick to set up.  We’ve posted the designs so you can build one too, and spend more time on practice day working on your robot instead of setting things up.  Here are the CAD files (.zip)
vacuumforming Vacuum formingTechniques for creating chain guards out of crazy carpets for under $30.-step by step instructions including pictures
Procedure for recovering a corrupted cRIO Procedure for recovering a corrupted cRIO
windriver Making the debugger connect to spawned tasks in Wind River.-instructions and screenshots
reversible bumpers

Reversible Bumper Tutorial

-Worksheet and Instructions for constructing reversible bumpers

safetyglasses rack

Safety Glasses Rack

-Instructions for sewing a wall hanging to keep safety glasses scratch-free!



-Practical guide for pre-regional, pit, and field scouting…and how to make good alliance selections.

Pit Scouting Sheet

Field Scouting Sheet


alliance coordination Alliance Coordination-Guide to organization needed before any qualification match.

WEBINARS (youtube videos)


Updating Firmware for Black and Brown Jaguars



hat pattern

K-Botics Robot Hat Knitting Pattern

This pattern is quickly becoming one of our team trademarks! Make you own in your team colours, and add your team number. You are limited only by your creativity!

mini hat pattern This year we are knitting mini hats to give out as buttons at competition.  Why not make one for yourself?  Here’s the pattern.


dragonK-Botics team members created and hosted a LEGO robotics skills challenge for local elementary school students.

Medieval Challenge (.pdf)

Medieval Challenge Scoring Sheet (.pdf)