Turkey in Rosemary and Orange Marinade

Recipe by Grace Jaramillo

This is my special take on how to obtain a tasty and juicy turkey.


1 medium sized turkey
6 oranges
2pack fresh Rosemary leaves
8 garlic cloves
1tbs.maple syrup
salt and pepper to taste

If the turkey is frozen, allow it enough time to thaw. Then rub the turkey with the smashed garlic gloves (don’t use pre-chopped garlic). Immediately squeeze the juice from all the oranges evenly around the turkey. Place rosemary leaves evenly around the turkey and let it marinade for at least two hours (better if at least 6hrs.). Then, it is ready to roast. A medium turkey in a Dutch oven can take 1½ hour at 400° C.  Timing will always depend on the size of the turkey (approximately 30 minutes per kilogram of turkey). Half an hour before it is ready, spread the maple syrup around for a perfect roasting color.

Additional hint for the sauce:
Use the orange/rosemary flavoured gravy as sauce. Just add some additional spices like more salt or pepper if needed (sometimes I even add more orange juice freshly squeezed and additional rosemary leaves for more taste). If you like the sauce thickened, just add 1tbs. of corn starch dissolved in ½ cup of cold water and let it boil at least for 5 minutes at medium heat.


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