At K-Botics we are lucky to have such talented and generous parents who cook for our team meetings. We are more productive after we’ve eaten healthy food, and we feel more like a family after spending quality time eating together.

To help promote healthy food options for other teams, we are releasing a recipe of the week. Our team members have varied dietary needs, including allergies to nuts, eggs, dairy, and vegetarians. We try to accommodate everyone in each meal.

Week 1


Menu: Turkey in Rosemary and Orange Marinade, Cranberry Sauce, Colourful Rice, Quinoa Patties, Large Green Salad (Dressings on the side), Assorted drinks, One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Week 2: Parent Appreciation Pasta Night.

Menu: Pasta, Sauce, Salad, Egg Free Cake with icing

Week 3


Menu: Sausage and Chicken, or Tofu Jambalaya, Veggies and Dip, Buns and Oatmeal Cookies

Week 4


Menu: Hamburger Soup, Buns, Ice Cream Sundaes

Meal Time Logistics: We have a set of team dishes that we use, to reduce our environmental impact. We mark our cutlery with purple nail-polish to keep it separate from the school’s set of dishes. We eat meals in our school’s Food and Nutrition (Home Ec) classroom. Occasionally families will make use of the kitchen set up to cook on site. We set up the meal buffet style on a central table. Students line up and serve themselves.

Students and mentors eat together, often with the family providing the meal. We invite our school custodians to join us too.

After eating, students wash their own dishes, and help with sweeping/cleaning tables, and packaging up any leftovers for some of our university/college student mentors to bring home.

Each family that provides a meal is thanked by students and is presented with a K-Botics “Thank You” card.




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