Previous Challenges

phoenix.pngRECYCLE RUSH 2015

Robot Name: Kasey VII-The Phoenix (aka Murphy’s Law)
Driver: Mateo
Operator: Rodrigo
Human Player: Marcus

Our Recycle Rush robot picked up totes with a hook mechanism and could make short stacks and place them on the scoring platform.  The omni wheel drive allowed for maneuverability.

We competed at the Finger Lakes Regional.


Robot Name: Kasey VI-Happy Feet
Driver: Wesley
Operator: Mateo
Human Player: Rodrigo

Our Aerial Assist robot quickly picked up the large exercise balls with an “El-Toro” mechanism, then fired them with a motor driven catapult over the truss, into the high goal, or low goal. Passing was accomplished by reversing the intake, or by running the catapult slowly. In the autonomous mode we could detect hot goals.

We were quarter finalists at the Finger Lakes regional, and semi finalists at the Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional.


Robot Name: Kasey V-Chicken Little
Driver: Wesley
Operator: Adan
Human Player: Colin

Our Ultimate Ascent robot quickly took in discs from the human loader station and shot them into the goals, propelled by spinning wheels. The shooter could be positioned at two angles to allow for shot accuracy from different scoring positions. The robot hung from the first level on the pyramid.

We were quarter finalists at both the Finger Lakes regional, and the Greater Toronto East Regional, and we won the Chairman’s award at the Finger Lakes Regional,

We competed at the World Championships in St. Louis in the Galileo division.

balancedREBOUND RUMBLE 2012

Robot Name: Kasey IV-Miss Compomants
Driver: Tim
Operator: Sam
Human Player: Colin

Our Rebound Rumble robot quickly took in balls from the floor and shot them into any basket using a turreted shooter mechanism. Auto targeting functions assisted with aim in autonomous and tele-operated modes. An enclosed electrical box with custom printed circuit boards including sensor diagnostics led to a system that was easy to debug.

We were quarter-finalists and  won the Engineering Excellence award and the Engineering Inspiration award at the Greater Toronto East Regional.

We were semi-finalists at the Waterloo regional, and won the Imagery Award in honour of Jack Kamen.

We competed at the World Championships in St. Louis.

KaseyIII-Barbra StreisandLOGOMOTION 2011

Robot Name: Kasey III-Barbra Streisand
Minibot Names: Candy, Misty, Twisty
Driver: Henry
Operator: Tim
Human Player: Marcello and Colin

Our Logomotion robot used an arm with a wrist and a roller claw to pick up tubes from the floor and place them quickly and reliably anywhere on the scoring grid. Mecanum drive allowed for optimal maneuverability and speed. Our quick little minibot scaled the pole in under 2 seconds.

We were finalists at the New York City Regional, and won the Engineering Excellence Award.

We were quarter-finalists at the Greater Toronto West Regional, and won the Innovation in Control Award and the Engineering Inspiration Award.

We competed at the World Championships in St. Louis.

ArbalestBREAKAWAY 2010

Robot Name: Kasey II- The Arbalest
Driver: Henry
Operator: Tim
Human Player:Wesley

Our 2010 robot used a crossbow to shoot the soccer balls into the net.

We attended two regionals, Pittsburgh and the Greater Toronto Regional (GTR), where we qualified for the eliminations for both. In Pittsburgh we were 5th alliance captains and we made it to the semifinals, at GTR, we were selected 7th, and we got to the quarterfinals.

K-Bot KaseyLUNACY 2009

Robot Name: K-Bot Kasey
Driver: Mary
Operator: Brennan
Human Player: Haotian

Our robot for the 2009 challenge was designed to score up to two balls at a time. The balls were sucked into the robot, being driven up with a conveyor belt-like mechanism, raising them to a separately driven roller that shoots the balls into the opposing team’s trailer.

At the Greater Toronto Regional (GTR) Competition, we placed 17th out of 59 teams in round-robin play, were selected 4th overall for the playoffs, and won the coveted “Rookie All Star Award.” This qualified us to attend the world championships in Atlanta Georgia, where we placed 10th out of 87 teams in our division and won the “Top Rookie Seed Award.” In the process we received a great deal of positive media coverage: on television, in the papers, and on the Internet.