K-Botics Leadership Retreat

This year, we’re excited to be hosting a leadership retreat for our team in the pre-season.  We hope that this overnight trip will help us come together as a group, and develop our teamwork and leadership skills before build season.

We’re heading to Camp Hyanto, in Lyndhurst Ontario to enjoy nature, and spend 24 hours together as a group.

Note: ALL school and team rules apply for the duration of this trip.

Here’s the permission form(.pdf)

Completed forms and the fee of $20 are due by FRIDAY Sept 27 2013.

Date: Friday October 4th 4PM-Saturday October 5th 4PM

Location: Camp Hyanto, 118 Oakel Street, Lyndhurst Ontario

Driving Directions: (45 minutes)

*we will need the help of parent drivers for this trip.  Parents need to fill in the volunteer driver form, and students need to have permission to be driven by volunteers*
  • Take Hwy 15 toward Smiths Falls and Ottawa.
  • Turn Right on County Road 33 (signs for County Road 33/Lyndhurst Road)
  • Turn Right on Ford Street
  • Take 1st Left on Oakel Street
  • Drive through the gate to Camp Hyanto.  Parking is on the flat area just inside the gate.

Accommodations: We’ll be sleeping in un-insulated camper cabins (10 bunks per cabin).  Boys and Girls cabins will be on opposite sides of the camp.  Leaders will be sleeping in adjoining cabins.

Toilets, showers etc are located centrally

Meals:  The camp cook will be providing meals and snacks for us.  The camp is nut free.  Vegetarian options are available.

If you have other dietary needs due to allergies or other reasons, please explain them on your forms.  In the case of special dietary restrictions, feel free to bring your own food, but it must be stored in the kitchen, not the cabins.

What to Bring:

  • sleeping bag (or sheets and blankets) and a pillow.  Cabins are not insulated, it will be chilly at night.
  • jacket, toque, mitts, warm socks (we’ll be spending time outside)
  • sensible shoes (running shoes)
  • dress in layers to stay warm.  Comfortable and old clothing is suggested.
  • PJs
  • flashlight
  • towel
  • toiletries (DEODORANT, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, etc)
  • medication (prescription medication, epi-pen, etc)
  • knitting (optional)

What NOT to Bring:

  • money
  • valuables
  • electronics (phone/computer etc)
  • food (unless you have specific dietary restrictions)

Activities: Team building activities, introducing new members to some of K-Botics history and traditions.  There are leadership opportunities for students who would like to help plan and run some of these activities.

  • “Know your K-Botics History” game
  • Fun team work challenges and group games
  • “Capture the Flag” or another wide game
  • Weather permitting we’ll hold a campfire–get ready to sing some songs!
  • if the skies are clear, there’s a great view of the stars.

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