K-Botics Bottle Drive 2016


We had a bottle drive on Saturday, and it was nice and sunny out.

The exams at Queen’s are now over, and it was quite a successful fundraiser.


We collected a lot of different kinds of bottles and cans.


After going door-to-door collecting bottles and cans, we brought them back to the school where we then sorted them before we brought them to the Beer Store.


We also crushed all of the cans, so that we could fit 250 in a bag. It was very load.


All together we made almost $415. Thank you to all of the parents and K-Bots for helping out today.

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Planning for Post-Season

We have been continued to plan for what we would like to do now that competition is over


We have set-up a bottle drive for Saturday and have made poster for it


We are also planning for Relay for Life.

Remember to get your forms in ASAP!

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Eliminations in Rochester

It was an even earlier morning today to get good seats.  We put on our team spirit tattoos.

And we watched game footage from yesterday

 Our robot made 3 appearances this morning 


We danced up a storm   
 Our drive coach was feeling sick this morning, so she rested and our alternate drive coach  took the floor.  
After some rest, gingerale and crackers shes feeling much better.

She’s ready for this afternoon. 

   We got picked to be in the 6th alliance with the Warlocks and TanX


We had a good strategy meeting with our alliance.

Blue Bear came to visit


And we worked hard in the pit to be sure that we were ready to go this afternoon.


We played hard, but were defeated in the quarter finals.


Pit and drive cleaned up the pit area and packed up our robot.  We may not have won the competition, but we were given an award for our hat pins.  Many thanks to the knitters who have made our pins for the last few years.


We packed up   

Stopped off for dinner  

And had a lot of fun with glowsticks!


Until the bus broke!  We spent an extra hour parked on the side of the highway.

We did  a quick transfer of all our gear onto a new bus, and were home by midnight.  It was an eventful competition weekend.

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Qualification Day in Rochester

We were off nice and early to RIT this morning.  
We managed to line up and get some pretty good seats for scouting. 
We are super excited to find out that Woodie Flowers is here!  
We’re also excited that a K-Bot is singing the national anthem.


We worked hard in the pits all day

And we talked to lots of judges

Dylan met Woodie Flowers (Jordan will be jealous!)  

At one point we were in 3rd!


We had a good showing on the field.    

After our matches we had dinner 

And had our scouting meeting


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Practice Day at Finger Lakes

Gooooood morning from Rochester! We’re happy the storm missed us!   
We love this hotel because we get to eat waffles for breakfast!

We made it through the increased security here at RIT.  There were metal detectors here this year!  

We’re excited to be playing among such strong company.   We are the only Canadian team here!  We’re excited to be giving our sponsors some international press.  Our pit’s all set up.


 Our robot passed inspection crossed many defenses, and scored some really great low goals. 
Some of us got tired while scouting….  
Others are having sooooo much fun that they didn’t get tired.


We made friends with some 1511 members, and gave them a hat. 

One of our K-Bots got their hat today too!  

We had a scouting meeting to prepare for tomorrow  
And we did some work on the database. 

We’re looking forward to a fun day tomorrow.

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We’re in Rochester

We’ve arrived safely to Rochester!


Our bus ride was excellent.  We watched the classic movie “Short Circuit” on the way.

Our dinner at Charbroil was fabulous as always.  


We had time for a game of cards before bed.

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GTR Central, Day 3

Our robot played a few more qualification matches this morning.

Team 1511, Rolling Thunder, gave us an award for being their favourite breacher. We were all really excited and happy to have been presented with it.


We all had a good time watching the final few qualification matches.


During alliance selection we were chosen by team 5699, Robo Sapiens, to be a part of their alliance along with team 3360, Hyperion, for the playoffs.

We had a great time watching our robot, which made it to the semi-finals, and we have had a lot of visitors over the past days who came to watch the competition with us.


Playing during the playoff matches.

We did some dancing between matches, including dancing with the team 781’s, The Kinetic Knights, mascot.


We had a great time at competition and had lots of fun.

We also had a bus rave on the way back from competition.

Thank you to our mentors, sponsors, students, and families for making this possible, and we’re looking forward to our next competition at Finger Lakes in a three weeks, but first we need to catch up on sleep and homework before then.

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