About Us

Team 2809 K-Botics

2809 in St. Louis

2809 at the Championships in St. Louis 2011

We are Team 2809 “K-Botics”, from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We are Kingston’s first FRC team and this is our fifth year competing in FIRST robotics. Overall K-Botics has two main goals:

  1. Work together as a team to design and build a competitive robot, present an impressive Chairman’s Award submission, and continue our record of positive community involvement.
  2. Build strong partnerships which will raise the profile of science and technology in the Kingston and global community.

What a Close Knit Team

Our close knit team is composed of students from grades 9-12, from academic, applied, French Immersion, and IB programs.  We welcome all students who are willing to learn new skills.  This philosophy promotes the formation of a large and diverse team with a wide range of skills and interests.  Among our ranks we have future carpenters, engineers, video game designers, attorneys, doctors, endocrinologists, prosthetists, concept artists, mathematicians and pokémon trainers.robot building

Our team comes together to build a robot, but in doing so we have become more than just a robotics team.  We are a big purple family, complete with traditions, and inside jokes.  We eat dinner and celebrate birthdays together.  dinner timeWe help each other with homework, and studying for exams.  Everyone on our team has someone to look up to, and learn from.homeworkOur mentorship team is a diverse group of skilled individuals who contribute their time energy and expertise to supporting all K-Bots through the design process.  Over the years we have benefited from mentors with FIRST hand experience with the competition’s abbreviated timeline and strategy.  Coming from FIRST teams 610, 771, 772, 1114, 1620, and from our very own 2809; they each bring their own set of problem-solving skills.  We have branched out to introduce many new community members to FIRST Robotics as mentors.  We strive to keep a balance between industry professionals, parents, teachers, and university/college students on our mentorship team.

working with tools CAD

We have a hands on approach to learning.  From cooperative brainstorming, CAD, programming and fabrication of the robot to safety, public speaking and marketing, skills training is integrated into our daily routine.  Some surprising life skills have also been learned such as: grocery shopping, cooking, washing dishes, knitting, dancing, how to ask for help, and how to talk with the media.FLL tournamentK-Botics is very active in our community.  Over the past few years our members have mentored FLL teams and in the fall of 2011 we hosted a successful FLL Qualifying Tournament and Jr. FLL Expo.  We have demonstrated our robots at local elementary schools, and at many school functions at KCVI.  Community demos have included both the Limestone Learning Foundation Crystal Ball Gala and Charity Golf Tournament.shoreline cleanupFor the past several years we have organized a Shoreline Clean-Up for the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up, and participated in the Terry Fox Run, and Relay For Life with our school.

We make our own kind of crazy fun here at K-Botics.  We have had bus-raves with music and glowsticks to make our late night long drives more enjoyable.


glowsticks on the bus

“My best and most memorable moment of the tournament was the bus-bonding.  It was good to have the opportunity to let loose and have some fun on the bus really early in the morning during the bus rave.”–Remi (Queen’s Mentor)

Through the challenge of FIRST Robotics we have expanded our horizons and come together to solve intense problems.  Our diverse team has come together to accomplish our goals.  We recognize that we are more than the sum of our parts.  Working together we can accomplish more than we even imagined.