Eliminations in Rochester

It was an even earlier morning today to get good seats.  We put on our team spirit tattoos.

And we watched game footage from yesterday

 Our robot made 3 appearances this morning 


We danced up a storm   
 Our drive coach was feeling sick this morning, so she rested and our alternate drive coach  took the floor.  
After some rest, gingerale and crackers shes feeling much better.

She’s ready for this afternoon. 

   We got picked to be in the 6th alliance with the Warlocks and TanX


We had a good strategy meeting with our alliance.

Blue Bear came to visit


And we worked hard in the pit to be sure that we were ready to go this afternoon.


We played hard, but were defeated in the quarter finals.


Pit and drive cleaned up the pit area and packed up our robot.  We may not have won the competition, but we were given an award for our hat pins.  Many thanks to the knitters who have made our pins for the last few years.


We packed up   

Stopped off for dinner  

And had a lot of fun with glowsticks!


Until the bus broke!  We spent an extra hour parked on the side of the highway.

We did  a quick transfer of all our gear onto a new bus, and were home by midnight.  It was an eventful competition weekend.

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