GTR Central, Day 3

Our robot played a few more qualification matches this morning.

Team 1511, Rolling Thunder, gave us an award for being their favourite breacher. We were all really excited and happy to have been presented with it.


We all had a good time watching the final few qualification matches.


During alliance selection we were chosen by team 5699, Robo Sapiens, to be a part of their alliance along with team 3360, Hyperion, for the playoffs.

We had a great time watching our robot, which made it to the semi-finals, and we have had a lot of visitors over the past days who came to watch the competition with us.


Playing during the playoff matches.

We did some dancing between matches, including dancing with the team 781’s, The Kinetic Knights, mascot.


We had a great time at competition and had lots of fun.

We also had a bus rave on the way back from competition.

Thank you to our mentors, sponsors, students, and families for making this possible, and we’re looking forward to our next competition at Finger Lakes in a three weeks, but first we need to catch up on sleep and homework before then.

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