Warehouse Fun

We’ve been at Pure Ingenuity’s warehouse for the last week.  Programming….


Assembling and fine tuning our twin robots

One will go in the bag, the other will be our practice bot.  

We have kept a low profile, so we can go under the low bar.

Bumper work continues.  It is a team effort!  

The warehouse has no washroom, so we ordered a portapotty.  Its always an exciting bathroom adventure after dark.

We are making sure our veterans keep teaching our new members so our skills are continued for years to come  

We hooked up and tested our pneumatics

And kept working on bumpers  

We used drills and hacksaws, and put the belly plate and shielding on the robots”

This is what happens when K-Bots are told to “go t’work”.  Laughter and dancing….
Finally our pistons came.  The shipment was lost, but FESTO found them and shipped them to us quickly.  

In our moments of down time, we made a nest and played cards 
  Finally, just before midnight on Tuesday night we bagged up our competition bot. 

The cyberfalcons joined us for the celebration.

We’ve been in the warehouse lots since bag and tag.  We are practicing driving and fine tuning code.  It’s lots of fun!  

Sponsors, family and friends have come to see the robot in action.

And boy, does it move fast! 

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