Trying out some ideas

We are looking at our kit, and trying to decide how to best use it for this game.   
We’re working on making a shopping list for materials.  We are using a google spreadsheet to work collaboratively on one document.

Programmers are busy writing code to make our test chassis move.


We’re changing out old wheels, and putting on new chain…

It’s great to get our hands dirty!    
We’re still looking at wheel size and spacing, and figuring out how to best cross the field.

  We dont want to get stuck like this in a game!

At the end of the day, with all of this testing, we need to charge our batteries.  Our new members got introduced to MEL, and we learned battery safety (as explained by the Tweedles in the past)

  1. Quick charge first (on the left) 
  2. Slow charge next (on the right)
  3. Put a tag in the leads when it is charged.
  4. If you pick up a battery by the leads, Duncan will pick you up by your hair.


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