Sunday: Fun Day!

 We have our fingerprint scanner up and running, it is a great tool for attendance.  

After signing in we had a rules quiz, to discuss the scoring rules and to make sure we all know the field, and the names of the defences.
  We worked in pairs for this quiz.  Mentors took the quiz too!   

We took the inventory of the kit of parts


And we got started making some of the defences with materials we had on hand.  

Our past robots were put to the test.  We can shoot a high shot with our 2012 robot…   

Our 2013 robot can almost make it over a 4×4….it’s good to see what we should be aware of, and how challenging the rock wall will be.  

We also built a moat to try.  Wheel spacing and size will be key.  It’s possible to get stuck on he moat if things are not well planned.  

We had a great meal all together.  

And we even celebrated a birthday!  The tiara has become quite a tradition.

It was quite a fun day!  We do it all again tomorrow evening.

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