Getting Barbara going 

A long long time ago, we had a robot named Barbara Streisand.  It was known by some as giraffigator rex. 

It could lift these innertubes to high heights.

It is now a shell of its former self.

We spent today putting the electrical components back on.

We’re getting good wheels on it now.


Our strategy team is looking at past games, rules, and analysis.  We’re preparing for kickoff.

We’re reading through resources posted by 1114, and we’ve got a to do list ready for kickoff. 

We went through last year’s code on the big screen and talked about where files are kept, and what is in the program.

We clicked the awesome controls we made for last year

And got the robot driving in the hallway (after some troubleshooting).   

  We also had some knitting lessons

There’s a parent meeting next week at 6pm.  Letters are going home tonight.

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