Rochester Day 3

We brought winter here from Canada.  It was snowy when we left this morning.  We did some robot repairs, 

played our final qualification matches

And danced a lot

We were visited my many people in the pit.  Our hats and pins were a really big hit with these youngsters

Many thanks to our knitters of Battersea who have kept us stocked with hat pins for the past few years.

Here’s another little one who now has a hat of her own!

We were not selected to join an alliance for the playoffs, but we’re cheering for the Canadian team, Make shift robotics from Hamilton.

We watched to see how things were going in North Bay

We were excited to watch the cyberfalcons doing so well!  Congrats to them on being finalists!

We danced during all the breaks.

And we were delighted when Make Shift won not only the regional but also Chairman’s.

We packed up our pit, and took our picture

And headed for home.

Some K-Bots got “naked” for the bus ride….a bit of a running joke

We also had a fun bus rave!

many thanks to our students, mentors, sponsors, and families for making our season possible.

We will be meeting again, but likely after a week or so, to catch up on our sleep and homework.

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