Rochester, day 2

To watch our matches, click here.  The schedule is here. We are at the Finger Lakes Regional, our team is 2809.

We were up, showered, fed, and on the bus by 7am.

We were among the first  to arrive

Many people crowded in behind us as we waited for the doors to open.

There was even a unicorn and a giant head!

We got great seats for scouting

Our robot got on the field, it moved, and the claw was looking good.

our scouts are diligently recording data on each robot’s performance each matchour database  crew then enters all the data into our system

It’s tough playing matches in quick succession.  We had some repairs to make…some temporary fixes for one match

More permanent fixes are being worked on.

And we keep talking to judges, telling them about our robot, and our team.

Our chairman’s team presented this afternoon

They did a great job and represented out team very well.

After our busy day, we had a good meal

we had a pj party scouting meeting and did our spirit nails

And we got to bed before toooo late.

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