Rochester Day 1

To watch the webcast click here.  We are at the Finger Lakes Regional, team 2809.

We were up bright and early, and on the road at 7:30.

We had a yummy breakfast!
we got to RIT and prepared for the doors to open
we heard many familiar cheers from Rolling Thunder.  They have a lot of energy!  I hope we all have a  g o o d m o r n i n g!
our drive team has been to the drivers meeting, and we’re getting excited to pass inspection and see our robot in action.

In the mean time, this is what we’re doing….

We repaired  MEL

Worked on attaching the claw….

And scouted 

Our data was entered into our database too.  All of us are practicing for the qualification matches tomorrow.

Even if our robot’s not yet ready to go, our human player got to practice his awesome throws.

Our Dean’s list Interviews went really well

We’re having fun, and looking forward to the arrival of the Grade 10s who have written the Literacy Test.

K-Bots….keeping things safe.

We passed inspection at the end of the day

and we are looking forward to the qualification matches tomorrow.  The schedule is posted here.

We had a great dinner at Charbroil restaurant

“This is too much food! it won’t even fit in my arm”

we made lunches when we got back

We  ran through our Chairman’s and headed to bed

P.s. Happy birthday Jacob

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