Week 1: Saturday

We’re working on prototypes to see how we can lift different game pieces.2015/01/img_0449.jpg


We’ve made some design decisions for how to grip game pieces already, so we’re moving forward.


We had a lot of good driver practice

And we worked hard to get a camera working so we can see what the robot sees.


Our lunch was amazing, thanks so much to the parents for keeping us so well fed.

We found a “noodle agreement contract” online, but then found out that the rules had changed, so the contract is null and void.


Our electrical system is coming along.

We are wiring up joysticks to see what the differences are between xbox controllers and joysticks.

We’re buying some components online, and hoping for a fast delivery.

Our field building crew bought materials today.

We’ll be laying things out on Monday. Things were a bit busy today, as a political party was in the school electing their candidate.


We’re doing lots of math and physics to see what motors we need to do what we want to do.

We’re also considering possibilities of a “water game”….because some of us think that it might happen.

There was a burst of excitement at the end of the meeting when programmers exclaimed that PID control seems like it’s starting to work!


Work resumes Monday at 5.

Edited to add: congratulations to the hard working Chairman’s team for having almost completed the first draft of the essay.

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One Response to Week 1: Saturday

  1. Katrina says:

    Aww chairmans team didn’t make the blog 😦
    We got our draft almost done!

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