Week 1:Monday

Today we are hitting the ground running, working on many jobs in parallel.

We’re fixing some bugs with our electrical system set up, and looking at ways to lay out the components. We also weighed all of the wiring and components from one of last year’s robots to get an idea of how much weight the wires will add this year.

We’re working on the GitHub tutorial so that all of our programmers can contribute to code writing.

We’re figuring out what materials we need for field building, and making plans for that.

Our prototypes are coming along well…..

We’re even doing physics!


We discovered that flip phones can be quite useful for converting units!


We’re even teaching some mentors how to do physics!


Our chairman’s group is working on our essay, presentation and video.


We had an amazing dinner tonight, thank you to our parent group for feeding us so well.



It’s a special day for Mr. Wood! He’s wearing the birthday tiara, and had a visit from his family.


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