Today We Design

We’ve got a really icy day today, but many of our team showed up to start working on Recycle Rush. We’ve got a big list of ideas from yesterday’s brainstorming, and we’re narrowing down and grouping our ideas for manipulating the game pieces.



We’re making sure we have a good idea of how the pieces interact, and how we can grab and lift.

We are explaining our ideas so everyone knows what we’re thinking. Our drawing skills are being put to the test!

While manipulators are being brainstormed, others started looking at the electrical components.

We’re laying out our plan, and making sure that we understand how the new control system works. We needed to scavenge some components from last year’s non-competition robot.


Programmers got started running updates, and installing programs.

It’s not the most glamorous task, but very important! We started the discussion about our scouting database too. You can never start too early to prepare for scouting.

We had a great lunch, devouring the last of our potluck from yesterday.

We got out our dishes, and set the ground rules for team meals:
1. Use dishes, and wash them when you’re done. With soap. And rinse them, dry them, and put them back.
2. Take a little food at first, make sure others get food before going back for seconds.
3. Make sure that vegetarians get first dibs on vegetarian meals.
4. We all sit together. If someone is looking for a seat, invite them to come sit with you, even if they’re not your best friend.
5. Clean up after the meal: wipe tables, clean serving dishes, carry food and dishes back to our workroom.
6. Thank the people who provided the meal.

In the afternoon work continued, we saw great progress in prototyping ideas.


We researched on the internet, and tried some experiments…



We measured, and drew ideas…


We got some wood at the hardware store to prototype some ideas.

Using a jigsaw for the first time is pretty exciting!


K-Bots, we’re meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5-10. Big decisions need to be made in the next few sessions, be there to contribute!

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One Response to Today We Design

  1. Katrina says:

    Rose with a power tool… I’m surprised everyone still has all their fingers! 😉 just kidding, glad to see some awesome prototypes!

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