Recycle Rush

We’ve officially started the build season. Our new game is Recycle Rush. We met this morning with members of Team 3710 the cyberfalcons to watch the kickoff broadcast in our school auditorium.


It was exciting to see so many of our alumni who came to join us.

We watched the webcast

and then had our potluck



We have had meetings to strategize

And have tried to stack some totes

We went to the gym to model the field and test out some strategies



And when our kit arrived from Toronto (thanks to the Falcons for picking it up for us) we did an inventory and tested how tippy the bins are.



We split up into groups and brainstormed different ways to approach the game.

Some groups used CAD

Others used LEGO…

To prepare for a water game.

We’ve changed the backgrounds on some of the computers…here’s Woodie.


We’ve done lots of tote lifting, and we’re trying to figure out the best way to maneuver the game pieces.

There’s homework for tonight: draw up any ideas you have for the robot and bring them with you tomorrow morning. We meet at 10am. Bring some food for lunch. There are a few leftovers and lots of snacks to munch on.

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