Happy Hallowe’en K-Bots

Game Hint #10?

Have you figured it out yet?

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4 Responses to Happy Hallowe’en K-Bots

  1. Griffin says:

    Witches. Wizards. Pirates. Tri wizard tournament. Arrrr you thinking what I’m thinking?

  2. Emma says:

    Flying on a broomstick omg, its so quidditch

  3. Grammar Punk says:

    Emma, your grammar….
    It should be…
    Oh my gosh. Flying on a broomstick. It’s so quidditch.

  4. Kit Kat and emma JEN JEN says:

    owl. crooked weasely house. professor mcgonnagal in front of the house. wizard foolishly flying in the background in plain view of muggles. on their firebolt

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