Pre-Season Chassis Design

We’re looking forward to build season, and to get in the spirit we’re going through the process of how to design, wire, and program a chassis. Of course, we’ll be building a different version during build season, but it’s good to get everyone up to speed on the process now.

We looked at a past robot design, and looked at ways to improve the chassis.

We collaborated with the electrical and programming teams to troubleshoot some issues with our kit frame. It’s good to start collaborating early!

We made priority lists for our new robot based on issues we’ve had in the past. We’re going to make sure our wiring has solid connections, and enough strain relief this year.

Programmers each had the chance to upload their code to the test chassis and drive a bit. We’ll continue this process next week too.

Our business team started the process of creating our newsletter and we made plans for upcoming sponsor interactions.
As an entire gro


Chairman’s is moving along too. Ideas are being synthesized, and essay structures are being mulled over.


As a whole group we spent time working with CAD. We’re going to use it to 3-D print parts for our pre-season challenge (which kicks off Nov 3).



We 3-D printed some parts today and proved that it’s possible to contain water in what we printed. (Not a game hint folks!)


We also learned how to wire a breadboard to make LEDs blink.



It takes attention to detail, and good dexterity to get all the wires in the right spot.

As we left today we were given fish fry tickets to sell.

IMG_9299.JPG This is our main fundraiser event, the fish is delicious, so get selling!

We continue to learn new skills each week to prepare ourselves for the preseason challenge, and also for build season. See you all next Monday.

Note: We’re looking for a student who is keen to take charge of two videos: storyboarding, filming, editing for our reveal video and also for our chairman’s. If you know anyone who would be a good match for this job, introduce them to Mr. Wood/Ms. Bearse.

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2 Responses to Pre-Season Chassis Design

  1. Katrina says:

    WATER GAME why else would we be testing to see if parts are waterproof?

  2. Griffin says:

    So we can 3-D print parts for our real robot during build season for the water game of course.

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