K-Bot Jeopardy, and Teamwork, parent meeting and more

Tonight was pretty busy! We started with a rousing game of K-Bot Jeopardy

Where we had to answer a variety of FIRST, and K-Botics related questions. We had to stand up enthusiastically and say “I got it” and the first group to do this could answer.


IMG_8934.JPG for bonus points, another group could tell a related story about our team. It was fun to introduce our newer members to aspects of our history. We even introduced these two!


After our game, we split up into sub groups (mechanical, electrical, and programming) to discuss the fundamentals. We learned about the design process, and how to approach a challenge.

We also looked at a wiring diagram for FIRST robots, and learned about the different components involved in making robots go.


We looked at some basics of programming, talked about how to control a robot, and we worked on how to write things on the screen.


After a delicious snack we reconvened for a teamwork activity.

We were each given a negative behaviour to act out while trying to accomplish the task of building a structure from toothpicks and marshmallows. Nobody knew what behaviours everyone were acting….some were being negative about all new ideas, while others were trying to distract their group.


We followed up with a discussion about how negative behaviours can impact group dynamics. We aim to be positive and helpful when working in our big team, and our smaller sub teams.

While our K-Bots were having lots of fun in one room, their parents were meeting in another room to learn about our team, and our upcoming trip on Oct. 3/4 to Robot Rumble in Ballston Spa NY.

We’re excited to welcome so many new families into our big purple family!

Our next meeting is for our bottle drive on Sunday Sept 28 (2809 day) from 12 noon until 3pm at the KCVI parking lot. We need parent drivers, and lots of K-Bots for our first big fundraiser of the year.

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