Windsor Practice Day

What a day!


We lined up early with the regular early crowd, 1114 and 2056. There are lots of rookies at this event, and it is fun to share in their anticipation. Not so long ago we were in their shoes. We had some good conversations with some of the rookie teams while we were in line.


We got great seats in the stands…we can see our pit and the playing field.

Our pit area got set up, and the pit crew worked hard to make repairs and to get the robot through inspection.

We made it to a few practice matches, and were thrilled to see that we could shoot, truss,,and that the intake was working.


We passed inspection, and even had time to add significantly thicker and more robust armour to the robot.


Our scouts worked hard to get accurate information recorded from each match. We’ll scout for real tomorrow.

We also took notes on all of the robots we saw in the pit.

K-Bots helped out throughout the day handing out safety glasses. Safety is key!

We had lots of moments of fun between the stressful ones.


By the end of the day things were all working well….so well that the pit crew came to eat dinner with the rest of the team rather than staying late.

After our dinner we went back to the hotel and got organized for everything that tomorrow will bring.

We were excited to talk to some of our team mates who couldn’t be here in person via skype. We’re going to try skypeing some in tomorrow for the scouting meeting too.

An early night for all, in bed by 9PM. We wake up early tomorrow!
Here is our match schedule. Tune in at watchfirstnow and check out the windsor essex great lakes regional competition.


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