Finger Lakes Elimination Day

It was a great surprise to start the day with birthday cake!

Family traditions continue when we’re at competition.

We lined up and waited with many others for the doors to open.

Once we got inside, we got Captain Canada and toured the pits and stands collecting buttons and meeting other teams.

We had a challenging time in our matches, our robot sustained considerable damage over the day, and needed a lot of repairs.

We were thrilled to be in a good position for alliance selection. We were the 5th alliance captain!

Captain Canada made some good picks! Our alliance was strong and took the quarter finals to 3 games. Unfortunately we were smashed pretty badly in the last of the matches. Our solenoid module was destroyed! It was in the middle of our robot. Despite our lexan armour, it still got hurt.

We are making larger and thicker armour for Windsor.

At the end of the competition we waited for the awards ceremony. We won the judges award because we’re a team that’s “got it all”.



Here we are, just before getting onto the bus.


The ride home was a bit wet and slippery. We saw many cars in the ditch, so we held off on our bus rave this time.

We had a quick dinner on the road, and headed home to unpack and get ready for the next competition.


Congratulations to all K-Bots for their fantastic behaviour and spirit during the competition. We look forward to another excellent competition at Windsor.

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