Finger Lakes Qualification Day

We were up at 6 AM and headed to RIT for 7AM to line up for a choice location for the day.

We’ve got our spirit nails ready


Our robot had a turn on the practice field to test out the shooting. We tweaked a few things and were shooting 20 out of 20 consecutive shots.

We watched each match and took notes on the robot performance.

Our Chairman’s team presented this morning. They were excited that they did so well. We’re all proud of them.

Our database operator was working hard…he had his game face on!

The matches went well for us in general. We ended off the day with a record of 8 wins and 1 loss. The last two matches were stacked against us, yet our scouting and strategy team came together to create a game plan that our drive team executed very well, and allowed us to take down some powerful opponents. All told, we ended the day in 4th place out of 49.


Between matches we danced and danced and danced! We are glad of our last minute dance workshop so we could all get involved.

The team social afterwards was lots of fun, and more dancing. After our pasta dinner we had a bit of a dance party with some other teams. It was too dark for any really good pictures.

Our bus driver had quite a surprise waiting for us when we headed for the hotel. He had set up a light show inside the bus! The pictures dont really capture the moment.


We had a big debrief to wrap up the events of the day.

Everyone came together today so well. It really felt like teamwork on our own team, and with our alliance partners.


The scouts met to discuss the game strategy for the remaining qualification matches and to develop a list of our top 24 teams in case we’re still in a position to lead an alliance tomorrow.

It was a thrilling day, and we are so ready to see what tomorrow brings. Follow along at

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