Finger lakes practice day

We were up early this morning and enjoyed eating some waffles, and bagels…breakfast of champions.

We got to RIT and lined up to wait for the doors to open.

We got great scouting seats near Miss Daisy and a team from Florida that are very good cheerleaders.

The field and pits are close by each other, so we can get back and forth quickly.

We got our pit set up, and robot inspected right after lunch.

We made friends with Miss Daisy, and taught them things like the word “toque”.

Our scouts practiced filling in sheets and our drive team practiced on the field.

There were a few bugs to fix, so the pit crew worked hard to get things working smoothly.

We collected lots of buttons from other teams. There are 50 teams here!

Our Dean’s list students got interviewed today. They practiced their interview face to prepare.

After the matches we headed out for dinner.

We’re excited that our grade 10s are here with us now. They wrote the literacy test today. Grade 10s like crayons.

We’re looking forward to a great day of matches tomorrow.

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