K-Botics Pre-Season Manual

This year at K-Botics we were faced with an interesting challenge:  We had close to 75 members join our team in the fall (64% of them new to our team).  They were all eager to build robots and be part of our “big purple family”.  To manage such a large team, we knew that we would need to be organized.

Here is our pre-season manual that outlines what we did with our group. K-Botics Pre-SeasonWe presented a 13 week pre-season this year.  The first 7 weeks focussed on skill-building.  Workshops about technical skills, communication skills and teamwork skills were conducted each week in a 4 hour block.  The following 6 weeks were for our Pre-Season Challenge, a game that was created by our mentors to allow small groups to go through the full engineering design cycle before entering into the FIRST Robotics build season.

Apart from our weekly meetings we held an overnight leadership retreat at a local camp, went on a field trip to Queen’s University to see other local engineering design teams, participated in community events, and fundraising activities.

We are proud of our team, and what we have accomplished this season.  We know that our successes during build season can be based on the strong foundation that was established in September.

Please download, read, and share our pre-season manual.

We hope that it can be a resource to help other teams for years to come. We appreciate your feedback, and are looking for ideas for more pre-season activities that we can try next year.  Please contact us at k.botics@gmail.com if you have any ideas or feedback.

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