Working on scouting

As week 1 competitions begin tomorrow we’re getting prepared to scout them!
Many of our team members are new, so they don’t know what to expect. We tried to explain and describe what happens at competition, and outline what scouting will happen when.

With our large numbers we’ll have a team of 12 match scouts (6 working at a time) scouting the 6 robots on the field. Each scout will fill out a paper form to record the robot performance. After each match the papers will get entered into a database that is operated by two of our team members.

We learned how to fill in the sheets today.


We’ll meet Friday after school to scout the first regionals and to get used to the pacing and the paperwork.
We made a list of which teams we’ll see at Rochester and Windsor, and hopefully we’ll get some insight by watching them!


Match scouts have some homework: read and know the rules regarding penalties and fouls, and assists.

Our pit scouts also met today. We have enough people at competition to send a team around the pit area at competition and talk to other teams, and learn about their robots. We practiced pit scouting some of our old robots today.

Pit scouts often will get good ideas for robot designs in years to come!

The Chairman’s also met today to work on the presentation


We’re working in smaller groups until competition, K-Bots please check the schedule on our calendar, your email, and facebook!

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