Warehouse Day 2

We got our high goal done today.



Many thanks to all the people who measured and cut and fastened all the parts together. We’ll get lots of use of the field pieces tomorrow for testing.

Thanks parents for the delicious lunch!

We had our 3D printer running today making sensor mounts.

One of our sponsors came by to see how things are going. We were able to show him our progress.

We rewired our batteries to make them fit into the robot better.

We did a bit of repair work on the wiring. Some K-Bots learned how to strip wires.

Other K-Bots worked hard on hat knitting. We’ve got a big team to outfit this year.

In our down time between robot repairs and tests we made use of our team nest. It’s nice to have a place to go to be quiet!

With all the hard work today we had some success. The robot can do all the individual tasks that we want it to do, but we still need to put all the code together into one program so it can be driven and tested. We meet at 10AM tomorrow to test some more.

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