Week 6 Monday

We’re moving now! Not only forwards, but backwards too. There are still bugs to be sure, but we’re taking baby steps in the right direction.

These were the very last parts that we just got back from Transformix Engineering. They’ve manufactured some of our parts this year. Thanks Transformix!

We’ve made some of our own parts too. Here’s a custom clevis for one of our pistons.
A group went to buy material for our “show bumpers”. They’re going to be purple and awesome!

20140211-003115.jpgWe were considering other options but decided against the fun fur!


Our dinner was delicious. Many thanks parents!


Assembly is just about done, and we’re focusing now on electrical and programming issues.


We’re also getting ready for competition, doing odd jobs here and there like finishing up a zillion hat pins that have been knitted by a lovely group from Battersea.

20140211-003513.jpg we’re well known for our hats, and hat pins.
Our Chairman’s essay is being polished to perfection

Our presenters are working on their skills

And we’re bedazzling our safety glasses.

Today we had a Mentor Appreciation Ceremony. Mentors were presented with a paper signed by everyone with little “warm fuzzy” messages of thanks and appreciation.

Appreciation is important at this time of build season. Mentors appreciate students for their kind words and all the effort put in over the past weeks!
K-Bots, check your email, we’ve got a modified schedule for the next week. Tomorrow is a meeting for the pit/drive/vision programmer only. Everyone else should get rested and ready for a busy week!

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