Week 3 Wednesday

Prototyping came to an end today! We presented designs for how to pick up the ball.


We presented our working models and CADs for the rest of the team to examine. After the design was seen and demonstrated, each group presented all drawbacks of their design. It is important to think critically when you design, and all the limitations of a design are as important as the positive points. It makes it easier to take constructive criticism about designs if you are also giving a critique. Also we tried to phrase critiques as questions…. “How would your mechanism deal with a bouncing ball?” “How would the mechanism get rid of a ball if the robot died in the match?” “Have you considered whether the mechanism’s geometry works with other robot components?” “What if a ball crashes into the mechanism?” This process leads into a discussion, and avoids overly negative or insensitive comments.

In other news, here is a before picture of our electrical system…

It’s going to get more organized soon.

We had yet another spectacular meal tonight! Thanks parents for keeping us so well fed.

We had a lot of fun over dinner. Tonight there was even a “poker face” competition that started out like a staring contest and ended up with silly dancing! You never know what to expect around here!


We are having drive practice more frequently now. In the next week or so we’ll have some try-outs.


Good luck with exams tomorrow K-Bots! Check your email for design decision details…and come in tomorrow during the day if you don’t need to study. There are a few jobs that need doing.

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