Grocery Shopping Adventures

Tomorrow is our parent appreciation dinner, and we’ve received close to 100 RSVPs! To feed that many people we need a lot of food.

We’re making a huge salad, pasta, a variety of sauces, and cake!

It’s fun to go grocery shopping in a group. We brought a long list, and checked for the best bargains around.

We were pleased to find pasta and tomatoes on sale!

We played a game of “guess the price” as we got closer to the check out. We were keeping track of costs on a calculator as we did the shopping, so we were pretty close.

Mr Wood met us by chance as we were shopping, and he joined in on the price guessing.
We bought everything for $131.00 this year!
The funniest moment on the grocery store adventure was when we discovered that ground beef comes in tubes! We got lots of meat tubes!

Many thanks to the grocery shoppers for helping to get the food, and carrying it into the fridges at school.
We look forward to cooking tomorrow.

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