Week 1 Saturday–No More Burned Fingers!

Our meeting this morning was bright and early at 10 AM. 20140111-170435.jpg
We discussed strategy, logistics, prototyping and construction.
We are putting a display in the main hallway of our school to tell everyone about our team and this year’s competition. 20140111-170906.jpg

Our lunch today was absolutely delicious!20140111-171058.jpg
We are introducing a new project this year where we will post one recipe a week on our site. We’re collecting recipes from our great meals and creating a K-Botics Cookbook.

We had fun with the fortune cookies at the end of our feast.20140111-171922.jpg

Come to think of it, we seem to be making everything fun these days, even safety glasses!

We have our own glasses this year, and we are trusted to take care of them from meeting to meeting, and bring them to competition.

Our afternoon was spent prototyping our ideas.

We’ll be making some decisions about our final design on Wednesday.


The kitbot is all wired up and ready for programming to be debugged.


One of our prototypes involved polycord. We were a bit reluctant to burn our fingers, so we made a jig and created a process that works and is safe!


CNC manufacturing is happening here today! We were milling lexan to be used in our custom gear box design.


It has been a long and productive day. We’re having fun working together, and we’re all learning a lot.


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