There and Back Again: preseason challenge competition day

We have two trophies on the line today!

One is for robot performance and one for robot design.

Today marks the end of our six week design challenge, and it is impressive to see the results. Not only does each group have a functional robot, but each group has also gained experience in problem solving, mediating group conflict, and presentation skills.


We saw presentations from each of the 10 groups.



And then we set up the robots on the game tables.




The progress was broadcast on the big screen for all to see.
We had a robot complete the course!

Others came close

Some needed some help avoiding Shelob the spider, and the rocks along the way.
Whether robots made it, or needed a bit of help along the way, we were all smiling and having a good time!


Judges from Transformix Engineering, Pure Ingenuity, St. Lawrence College and The Limestone District School Board were impressed by the diversity of solutions presented, by the fabrication techniques and by the controls and programming implemented by the teams. All groups presented their designs in a very professional manner as well. It was a tough decision, but in the end the two trophies were awarded.

Team 6 sqrt(unicorns) won thre robot performance trophy sponsored by the 2012-2013 mentor team.

Team Beta won the robot design award sponsored by the Shepertycky family.

It was great to see all the K-Bot families out to support everyone. We also had some friends and supporters, here’s Taylor sporting his freshly purpled jacket.

Here’s Brian, a mentor for the Cyberfalcons


Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, from the AV crew to the refs and timers and judges, and for all the K-Bots who have been working furiously for the past few weeks.

We look forward to January 4th when we start another, even more intense, build season. This one will be the best one yet!

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