Final Testing

We’re in the final stretch of pre-season.  This was the last meeting where we could devote time to our BOE Bots and the pre-season challenge.  We’re making progress on our presentationsIMG_4865

We’re also working on our robots and our coding.IMG_4866

Some final touches have made us feel better about how we’re approaching the challenge.


Testing and debugging always takes a long time.  We need to remember this during build season too!


There’s always something more to do to make the robot 100% reliable.

IMG_4887Robots are now picking up ping pong balls with ease.  It’s impressive how many techniques are being employed.  This robot does not use the adhesion of duct tape to accomplish the task.


No matter how hard we try, the robots aren’t always ready to follow our instructions.  There are still some roadblocks to navigate.IMG_4884

What’s fun about robotics is that there’s always work to do, but there’s also always a fun group to be working with.  There’s a really positive energy in the room!IMG_4868

To see our robots in action, please come to KCVI on Monday December 16th from 6:30 PM-9PM.  The competition will be taking place in the auditorium (on the 2nd floor).  Teams will each present their design features, and then each team will have two attempts with their robot on the game table.  Come and be blown away by what the K-Bots have accomplished over the past 6 weeks.

There will also be a parent meeting during the evening to discuss what to expect during build season.  We hope to see everyone there!

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