We’re Getting There!

There are some amazing things happening at the team meetings these days. In fact, there are often small team meetings before school, at lunch, and after school. BOE-Bots are climbing, or driving their way to the finish with greater reliability each week.

Pingpong ball manipulation is the next step!
Close up photos are discouraged at this point in the game….there might be spies reading the blog.
Here are some photos that groups have agreed could be shown.


This one has a cloak!


This week each group met to discuss how things are going as far as communication and planning and documentation is going.

It takes a lot of work to keep everyone on the same page!

We had lots of people join in with some sponsorship brainstorming today too, and we’re still working hard on our Chairman’s essay theme. We’re collecting information from everyone–stay tuned!

Movember is still in full swing–some people have extra awesome “mo’s”.

Keep working hard K-Bots, December 16th is not that far away! Fish Fry Ticket sales are ongoing–bring in your money on Monday to Stacey.

We’re always happy to show parents what we’re working on. Don’t be shy, come on in!


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