Planning and Prototyping

We set off working on our challenge today. Most of our groups have met during the week, and figured out a strategy for what to build, test and prototype today.

We built some ramps..

…and a model of the goal…

And some groups are working on ways to trap or pick up a ball.

Planning together, and communicating our ideas is not always easy, but it’s worth it for sure!

We’re getting to know our group better the more time we spend together!

Some of us are working on CAD to make parts on the CNC mill later on.

It’s going to be so cool to have precision manufacturing in the room this year! Thanks Sherline for making that possible for us.

Today a few K-Bots got their hats!

We are a tight knit team that celebrates everyone’s uniqueness. We knit hats for each other, and these hats have become a real symbol for our team.

There are a few rules: don’t talk about hats/ask for a hat.
Hats are knit for team members by team members.
Hats are worn with pride 🙂

The moment of surprise when hats are given is a really fun thing to experience.

We took a bit of a break to do some other jobs tonight. We painted the bulletin board purple.

It’s so fresh and clean now! Ready for information for the students of KCVI.

Some of us learned how to bend metal safely. We are going to use these manufacturing techniques to make parts for our challenge robots.

Part of our team worked on knitting. Some of us are just learning. The knitting club meets on Friday at lunch if anyone wants a good spot to practice.

Our chairman’s writing crew and sponsorship group got started today, and we’re looking forward to a productive time over the next few months.

The game board is in room 107 tomorrow for all who want to work on their designs at lunch.

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