Rule Clarifications

Updated Game Specs: PreSeasonChallenge2013

After an exciting brainstorming session, there were many questions regarding the specifics of the game rules. We are posting a copy of the revised game rules. The major changes are as follows:
Your robot must be fully autonomous.
Do not use anything that is alive.
Do not use extra motors or power sources. Use only the motors and batteries provided in your kit.
Devices which store energy are permitted provided that they do not start with any stored energy (except of course the batteries).
Do not attach your robot to the ramp or field walls.
Do not damage the course.
You must return the BOE-Bot kit and servo motor in its original condition after the competition is finished.
You may only touch the robot when it is in the start area before it starts the challenge.
You may place the “ring” on the ground anywhere in the start area.
The robot must start on the ground.
There must be a minimum distance of 5 cm between the ring and any of your equipment
(including the robot) at the start.
The robot and any other equipment must be fully contained within the starting square at the start.
The robot has “reached the finish area” when one of its wheels has fully crossed into the finish area.
The robot has “returned to the start area” when it has first reached the finish area, and then the entire robot (including all wheels, servos, chassis and Arduino) has crossed back into the starting square.
You may use a maximum of $20 worth of additional materials (at your cost and at fair market value).

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