Challenge Revealed!

Our preseason challenge has been revealed! We met today to form groups and learn what the challenge will be for the next 6 weeks.

We were reminded of all the group work skills we have learned in the past 2 months, and then set about finding a name for our groups.

The challenge was revealed by a poetic scroll


It was fun finally understanding the game hints.


We have lots of creative group names: The Fellowship, Samwise and the Baggins, The Robots of Rohan, Team Beta, Team Lads, Team “Quiddich”, The Hasty Ents, 6sqrt(unicorns), the Seven Signs of Apathy, Fro-Bros, and the mentor team of Yolo Swaggins.

After reading through the rules package and examining the CAD drawings, everyone started to brainstorm different ways to bring “the one ring” a.k.a a ping pong ball from the shire to Mount Doom for its disposal.


Some groups started to prototype, and others started to CAD



The BOE Bots were distributed, and we started to assemble them to make them go.


It’s important to be safe at all times. Here’s one team that wants the safety award!


We packed up at the end of a fun and productive evening.


Before next meeting, group members should be in contact with each other to plan what is needed and what the goals are for the meeting. Read your rules carefully and stay tuned both here and on Facebook for rules clarifications.

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