Bottle Drive

We had a great day for a bottle drive today! The sunshine made today so much warmer than yesterday.

We found a house with 3 years worth of bottles in the basement. They finally thought it was time to part with them. Thanks guys!

We had groups out collecting, and groups back at our home base sorting everything. There was another group that dropped the sorted bottles and cans to the beer store.

The most fun job was stomping on the cans, and counting them into bags of 200.

We are saving the tabs, as another group is collecting them

In total we made $425.15. Not bad for 3 hours work. Thanks to all the K-Bots and parents for helping out.

We are looking forward to tomorrow, and the start of our pre-season challenge. There will be one more hint tomorrow, and the reveal will take place at our meeting in the evening.

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