Robobrrds and Humpty Dumpty

What a day!

We split up into two groups, as usual. This time we had a guest speaker, Erin, who has created Robobrrds.

They are little robots with flapping wings, light up eyes, and a beak that opens and shuts. They also make noises, and can be controlled by an iPad app.

We were all impressed by what Erin has done! Not only has she designed, built and programmed her robots, but she has also designed the circuitry, and has made her robots into a business! She sells Robobrrd kits online.

Thanks Erin for sharing your talents and experience with us! You are inspiring.

Our design challenge for today was to save Humpty Dumpty from falling off a wall.

Humpty Dumpty was represented by a ping pong ball that we needed to manipulate using a BOEbot and a servo motor.

Some groups had great success right away.

Others needed to refine original ideas to make them work.

In the end, we were almost all able to rescue Humpty Dumpty!

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