Sensors and CAD: Taking Over Two Computer Labs

We are preparing for our preseason challenge, and have learned two new skills today. We learned how to use Inventor to do CAD drawings. This will be helpful for creating 3D printed pieces, or for sending out for parts from the machine shop.



For some K-Bots the 4th time’s the charm!

We worked through a CAD tutorial, and have a bit of homework to complete before earning a K-Botics CAD certificate.

Many thanks to the returning K-Bots for helping out with the tutorial!

Our other activity was to use BOEbots to explore sensors. We had fun programming our robots to do different things!




We’re having a lot of fun, and learning so many new skills.

“I can’t decide if I’m learning more, or having more fun!”

There’s learning all over the place!

From skateboarding to programming


Many thanks to our families for providing the delicious snacks tonight!



In other news, our Dean’s list nominations have been announced. It was a tough job to nominate just two of our awesome team members!

Congratulations to Sam and Sawyer who have demonstrated their passion and dedication for promoting science and technology in the community, and their embodiment of the ideals of FIRST. These two will be now be preparing to be interviewed at competition.

This is their “interview face”.

K-Bots, please fill in the group request form, and stay tuned here for more information regarding our preseason challenge.

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