Technical Drawings and Water Towers

We’ve got almost 70 on our roster for pre-season activities…it makes our classroom pretty crowded, but allows for lots of good group work activities.

We played an epic game of broken telephone to see how good our listening skills are. For the record, they are pretty bad! The message evolved from “a newborn pig has 5 grams of fat” to “palm games and watermelon”.

We split up into 2 groups for our main activities, technical drawing, where we learned about isometric and orthographic drawing

We made objects with linking cubes, drew them, and then traded drawings with friends and constructed new objects from the drawings.



Finally we made a more complicated part out of plasticine….this one had holes and round parts

Lots of us made good parts!
We had a snack break and played a game of “squirt” before switching groups.

Thanks to those who brought such great snacks!

For the Water Tower activity, we used flip chart paper and tape to suspend a water bottle the highest we could off the ground.

Materials were rationed, and we were judged based on the cost of our structure, the heat, and how cool it looked.

We learned lots about group work while we were figuring out this task. Some of us worked through conflicts, and others worked on listening skills.

The most successful groups used lots of triangles in their design.

Our mentors built one tower, but tried to use rectangles. They didn’t end up with a really good product.

Even our mentors are learning!

Keep collecting pledge forms for Stacey’s climb! Also, be reminded that our meeting is Tuesday next week, after Thanksgiving.

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