Hello From Leadership Camp

We’re here at Camp Hyanto and having a great time!
We had some traffic issues on the way here–a full blown traffic jam on Hwy 15 due to a charity run.

Many thanks to all the parents who volunteered to drive us here and drop us off.

We got our gear settled in the cabins and then had some time to play games. We brought some frisbees and balls with us, so it was easy to make up some good games to play.

While some were playing others of us found some four leaf clovers–camp is a magical place where we can find a lot of clovers.



We played until dinner time….

…and we worked up quite an appetite for spaghetti!

During dinner we realized that some of us are quite talented with spoons


After dinner we played a great game of dinosaur dodgeball, and a few more games too. When it got too dark for games we gathered round the roaring campfire and sang a lot of songs.

We sang so loud that all of Lyndhurst must have heard us! Thanks to all the K-Bots who came up with such great songs to sing, and to those brave enough to lead them.

We sang songs with ukulele accompaniment as we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.
Cameras can’t really capture how beautiful the night is here. The sky is clear, and we could see the Milky Way quite clearly. There are so many stars that it is hard to pick out any constellations….but we did pick out several trapezoids and isosceles triangles. We saw shooting stars, planes and satellites.

Before bed we had a snack

And had some time to relax in our cabins.

Lights are out, glow sticks are keeping us from getting scared of the dark, and most of us are asleep after such a busy evening. We know that tomorrow will be another good day of getting to know each other better and working together as a team.

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