Jeopardy and Flashing Lights!

We’re getting into the routine! Each day we sign in and out with our fingerprint scanner. The computer then tracks how much time we spend at robotics.

We talked about our new sponsors, and also about our leadership retreat. Next we split into two groups. One group worked on electronics.

We wired breadboards to make a simple circuit that made LEDs blink.

It was really exciting when everything worked properly.

The other half of the team was busy learning about our history as a team as part of K-Botics Jeopardy.

We realized that even our most senior members have a few things to learn, and some of our new members know more than anticipated about our team and traditions.

We spent time learning a bit about fundraising and how to approach strangers to ask them for money, which is often a challenging task.

Toward the end of the evening we compiled a good list of games that we can play at camp, and also at meetings when we need to get rid of some sillies. Tonight “graveyard” was the game of choice.


Parents joined us part way through the evening and learned about what to expect during a season with K-Botics. It is great to see so many enthusiastic parents who are keen to help out.

Our next event is Friday, when we will go to leadership camp for 24 hours. We’re going to make some memories!

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