Looking Forward

Hi K-Bots!

We’ve got a few events coming up, and we’re hoping that you’ve got them on your calendars.  Note: we have a calendar on the site that you can check out whenever you like!

  1. Team Meeting on Monday Sept 23 5-9–learn new skills, and pick up forms for Leadership retreat.  Deadline for forms and money to be back is on Friday Sept. 27
  2. Shoreline Cleanup on Saturday Sept. 28 from 10AM.  We’re meeting by the Alexander Henry, near the Marine Museum on Ontario Street.  Please bring a pencil, and wear purple if you’ve got it!  We’re celebrating 28/09 day!!
  3. Team Meeting on Monday Sept 30 5-9, with a MANDATORY Parent/Guardian meeting.  We want to have a chance to explain to families what K-Botics is like.  We have some special details for those who are going on our leadership retreat.
  4. Leadership Retreat Friday Oct 4-Saturday Oct 5.

See you all on Monday at 5.  Remember to eat before you come, and bring a snack to have while you’re there.

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