Record Numbers

We welcomed 50 students to our meeting today. This is rather amazing to know that in one week this many students got permission forms signed and submitted–great work everyone! If you’ve not got yours in yet, it’s not too late. It’s also impressive to know that we’re still growing and thriving. 6 yrs ago we struggled to get 12 students involved. Back then we would not have guessed that our room would be bursting at the seams, and buzzing with activity.

Today we built bird houses.

For some this was a first opportunity to use tools, and for others it was a good time to share their knowledge.

We measured carefully before we predrilled the holes.
We used a drill press to bore the large hole for the bird.


It looks like he’s done this before!
We then assembled the bird house with screws.

It’s important to read the instructions carefully!


Here’s the finished product, ready for occupants!

While part of the group was working on bird houses, the rest of the group split up and learned all about credibility, and communication skills.

“Be an expert, except when you’re not!”
We know these skills will serve us well in life, not just at K-Botics.

The next activity was our very first driver practice. We had our test chassis “kitbot” on the carpet with “chicken little” from last year.

Keen “programmers-to-be” took a look at the code, while others took their turns on the controls.

When things needed fixing, we got to learn a bit more about what makes the robot go.

Many thanks to our returning students for taking on some leadership and responsibility today.


It was a fun time for everyone! “I’m having too much fun for a Monday!” -Sam M (grade 10)

We even had a mom join in the fun. She was a pretty good driver.

Some reminders: please do your best to sell steps for Stacey’s climb of the CN tower. There will be a prize for all who sell 30 steps!

Thanks for all who came to the bottle drive. Our total is $560 right now with another car load being returned soon. Please continue to save up empties or collect in your neighbourhood. We will be having more bottle drives coming up.

We are planning an overnight leadership and teamwork retreat on Friday October 4th-Saturday October 5th at Camp Hyanto in Lyndhurst Ontario. Details are being worked out, and forms will be sent home on Monday.

Our next meeting is Monday from 5-9. See you there!

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