Bottle Drive

We are particularly well placed for bottle drives. Our school is situated in the midst of student housing neighbourhoods for Queen’s University, and with classes just starting up again it seems that bottles are plentiful.

We’ve been holding bottle drives for a few years now. We owe a big thank you to the many parents and mentors who throw tarps in their cars and collect bottles alongside the K-Bots.


Once bottles are collected, we sort the by type and colour of glass.

We crush all the cans–for some this is a very fun job!


We return all the bottles and cans to several different Beer stores. We don’t want to overwhelm any one location. The better you sort your bottles the happier the Beer store employees are!

We learned a few things during this bottle drive–there are pick and mix 6 packs at the beer store.

Some beer has flying monkeys!

Someone had a very sparkly 19th birthday

And hornets really seem to love the combo of stale beer and Timbits. Only one of us got stung.


We are watching our K-Bots grow up all around. Here’s a fairly new driver…

Here’s a K-Bot who is mentoring this year…

And here’s another alumni, now in 4th year university!  (He may or may not be a hobgoblin)

We are always glad to put in a solid afternoon of work carrying and sorting and returning sticky and stinky bottles because we know how much every dollar will help our team. 20130915-183821.jpg “I love bottle drives–the Queen’s students who open the door are SO good looking!”

Thanks to all who helped out today! Final totals will be available at tomorrow’s meeting.

See you all at 5pm tomorrow. Bring completed permission forms!

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